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Blast Chiller - Fits 2 x 2/3 GN and 1 x 1/2 GN
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Blast Chiller - Fits 3 x 1/1 GN
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Blast Chiller - Fits 5 x 1/1 GN
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Blast Chiller - Fits 10 x 1/1 GN Capacity
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Blast freezers are powerful refrigeration units designed specifically for commercial use. They work by rapidly cooling hot food down to a safe temperature, preventing bacterial growth and keeping food fresher for longer.

A blast freezer allows for the rapid cooling or freezing of freshly prepared meals. It’s especially useful for food that is made in advance or as part of a multi-step dish preparation. Catering businesses such as caterers, hotels, restaurants, company canteens and cafes can all benefit from the versatility of a blast freezer for efficient and large-scale food preparation.

What are the features of Maxima’s blast freezers?

All of Maxima’s blast freezers come equipped with the following features:

  • Self-closing door with antibacterial rubber seal
  • Refrigerant R290, CFC-free
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Compact protective insulation of 6cm
  • Cooling water evaporator
  • Digital temperature control
  • Silent machine < 65 dB (measured from 1.2m)

Where are commercial blast freezers mostly used?

In restaurants, commercial blast freezers are commonly used to store and cool down large batches of cooked food quickly. This is especially important in busy kitchens where there is a high demand for freshly prepared meals. It allows chefs to prepare food in advance and safely store it until it's ready to be served. This increases efficiency and ensures that the food is safe for consumption.

Bakeries also heavily rely on commercial blast freezers to cool down freshly baked goods. This is essential in maintaining the texture and quality of delicate pastries and cakes. The rapid cooling process also prevents the growth of yeast, ensuring that bread and other baked items rise properly without getting spoiled.

Commercial blast freezers are used in cafeterias to chill large quantities of food that are served in buffet-style settings. This ensures that the food stays fresh and safe for consumption throughout the day, even when continuously exposed to room temperature.

In addition to these establishments, many other food businesses and facilities use commercial blast freezers. This includes catering companies, hotels, cruise ships and even schools.

What should you look for when purchasing a professional blast freezer?

Not all blast freezers are created equal and choosing the wrong one can lead to inefficient cooling, wasted space and even potential health hazards.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when making your purchase:


The first thing to consider is the capacity of the blast freezer. This refers to the amount of food that can be cooled at one time. It's important to choose a unit with enough capacity to meet the demands of your kitchen, but not too large that it takes up unnecessary space and energy.

Think about your usual food production volume and choose a blast freezer with a suitable capacity. Also, keep in mind that it's better to have some extra space for unexpected surges in demand.

Temperature settings

Another crucial factor to consider when purchasing a professional blast freezer is the temperature settings. Different types of food require different cooling temperatures, so it's important to have a unit that can accommodate a range of temperature settings.

Some blast freezers come with pre-set temperature options, while others allow for more precise control. Consider the types of food you will be cooling and make sure the blast freezer has appropriate temperature options for your needs. It’s also beneficial to look for blast freezers that have an automatic defrost setting.


It's important to measure the space where you plan to install the blast freezer and make sure it will fit properly. Think about the overall size of your kitchen and how much space you can allocate for a blast chiller.

Keep in mind that a larger unit may have more capacity but could limit mobility in your kitchen workspace.

What are the benefits of using a blast freezer?

The use of blast freezers in the food industry has become increasingly common due to their numerous benefits. One of the main advantages is improved food safety.

During the cooling process, bacteria can grow rapidly within a specific temperature range. This is between 4°C and 60°C. Blast freezers are designed to rapidly cool food down within this range, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and helping maintain the overall quality and safety of the product.

In addition to improving food safety, blast freezers also help reduce food waste. By quickly cooling down hot food items to a safe storage temperature, blast freezers prevent food from spoiling or becoming contaminated. This means that restaurants, catering companies and other food-related businesses can save money by reducing their food waste.

Blast freezers also offer versatility when it comes to ingredients. They are not limited to specific types of food items and can be used for both hot and cold dishes. This makes them an essential appliance in a kitchen where a variety of dishes are prepared daily. From meats and seafood to fruits and vegetables, a blast freezer can efficiently cool down any food item, maintaining its freshness and quality.

Using blast freezers also helps improve the overall efficiency of a kitchen. By quickly cooling hot foods, chefs can move on to other tasks instead of waiting for their dishes to cool down naturally. This results in increased productivity and faster service, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction.

What different blast freezers does Maxima offer?

All of Maxima’s blast freezers have similar features with the only difference being their capacity. All models have various cooling programs for quick freezing, quick cooling and deep freezing. Within two hours food is cooled down to 10ºC and within 4,5 hours, it can be cooled down to -18ºC. All blast freezers are suitable for Gastronorm containers.

Maxima offers blast freezers with the following capacities:

  • 2 x 2/3 G/N and 1 x ½ GN
  • 3 x 1/1 GN
  • 5 x 1/1 GN
  • 10 x 1/1 GN

How to clean a blast freezer

Catering equipment like blast freezers needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent the transfer of food residue onto shelves and walls. Luckily, Maxima’s blast freezers are designed for easy cleaning. Before cleaning the inside, ensure the freezer is defrosted and at room temperature.

For both the inside and outside of the blast freezer, use lukewarm water, a damp cloth and a mild detergent. This will maintain the coating and prevent rust inside. Also, remember to clean the rubber seals.