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Commercial Chest Freezers

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Chest freezers are one of the most common types of commercial freezers used in restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses. They offer a large amount of storage space and can keep food items frozen for extended periods.

What is the difference between a chest freezer and a traditional freezer?

Freezers come in a variety of designs, including traditional freezers and chest freezers. Although both appliances do the same thing, there are some key differences. A chest freezer has a lid on top, while a traditional freezer has a door in the front. From the outside, a traditional freezer looks very similar to a fridge.

Chest freezers, with a height of 85cm, have the same amount of storage capacity as a 2m tall standing fridge. These freezers are much wider and have a single large storage space. This allows for flexible partitioning and can accommodate large amounts of products. Frozen products with the same packaging can also be stacked easily to ensure no storage capacity is lost.

What are the features of Maxima's chest freezers?

Maxima's chest freezers all have the following important features:

  • LED lighting in the interior
  • manual defrosting
  • digital temperature control that’s easy to set and read
  • moisture drainage in the interior
  • cooling system with fan
  • thick insulation material of 8cm
  • temperature range from -14 to -24°C

Where are commercial deep freezers mostly used?

For restaurants, it is crucial to have a reliable storage system for their ingredients and prepared dishes. With constantly changing menus and high demand for quality food, commercial chest freezers allow chefs to stock up on ingredients and store them in bulk. This saves time and reduces the need for frequent grocery shopping.

Similarly, hotels often have a large number of guests to cater to, which means they require a significant amount of food and beverage supplies. Commercial chest freezers ensure that perishable items like meat, fish and vegetables are kept fresh and readily available for cooking.

Chest freezers are also used by catering companies to cater to large events and functions. From storing raw ingredients to keeping the final dishes fresh before serving, these freezers play a crucial role in ensuring that food is of high quality.

What should you look for when purchasing a chest freezer?

Chest freezers are versatile and cost-effective storage solutions that can cater to different business needs. Here's what to consider when purchasing a chest freezer.


The first thing that you need to consider when purchasing a chest freezer is its capacity. The capacity of a chest freezer is measured in litres and typically ranges from 100 to 500 litres. Businesses must determine their storage needs and how many products they want to store before making a purchase decision.


Another important factor to consider when purchasing a chest freezer is its size. Chest freezers come in various sizes and businesses need to make sure they have enough space to accommodate the unit. It's recommended to measure the available space before buying a chest freezer to ensure it fits properly. You should also consider the size of your inventory and whether the chest freezer can hold all your products efficiently.


It's beneficial to look for additional features that can make a chest freezer more convenient to use. Some popular features include a wide temperature range, interior lights, baskets for better organisation and wheels for easy movement. Some models come with a moisture outlet that drains any unnecessary liquid and keeps the freezer in the best working condition.

What are the benefits of a professional chest freezer?

  • Large storage capacity: The main advantage of chest freezers is their ability to hold a large amount of frozen foods. This makes them ideal for businesses that need to store large quantities of perishable items.
  • Cost-effective: Chest freezers are relatively inexpensive compared to other commercial refrigeration options, making them a popular choice for businesses and catering companies that want to save money.
  • Energy efficient: Chest freezers typically use less energy than upright freezers, making them more cost-effective in the long run. This is because less cold is lost when the freezer is opened as cold air sinks downwards when exposed to warm air. The cold air remains at the bottom of the chest freezer, while in a traditional freezer, the air moves out onto the floor.

What different chest freezers does Maxima offer?

The specifications of Maxima's various chest freezers are almost the same, although the dimensions and weight do vary per model. The larger freezers of 345L and 488L stand on six wheels, while the smaller models stand on two wheels with two adjustable legs. The smaller capacities of Maxima’s chest freezers include 93L, 140L and 282L.

How do you clean a freezer?

Freezers should be defrosted and cleaned regularly. Our catering freezers can be defrosted manually. You can do this by first unplugging the freezer and emptying it of its contents. You can place your products in the refrigerator during cleaning.

The freezers have a moisture drain so that the melted water is removed easily. On the side is a drainage tap that lets the water out in a controlled way. Defrosting is faster if you loosen the ice first on the walls with a plastic ice scraper. After defrosting, clean the inside with warm water and a mild detergent. Use a good quality microfibre cloth to dry everything properly.

Turn the freezer back on when everything is thoroughly dry. Put your products back in the freezer a few minutes after turning it back on.

What other types of refrigeration equipment are available?

In addition to freezer equipment, Maxima also has an extensive range of refrigeration equipment for the hospitality industry. For preparing food using chilled ingredients, a pizza prep fridge is ideal.