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Commercial Chest Freezers

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Chest Freezer - 93L - 2 Wheels - Compact
€707.84 €584.99 €635.24 €524.99
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Chest Freezer - 140L - 2 Wheels - Compact
€907.49 €749.99 €484.59 €400.49
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Chest Freezer - 282L - 2 Wheels - incl Hanging Basket
€1,343.09 €1,109.99 €751.40 €620.99
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Chest Freezer - 345L - on Wheels - incl Hanging Basket
€1,706.09 €1,409.99 €778.62 €643.49
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Chest Freezer - 488L - on Wheels - incl Hanging Basket
€2,248.79 €1,858.50 €987.35 €815.99
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Being able to quickly freeze your food items is important for the preservation of food quality. After all, ingredients that you have to throw away because they were not stored correctly are a waste of money. Good refrigeration and freezing equipment is always a wise investment for any catering business.

What is the difference between a chest freezer and a traditional freezer?

Freezers come in a variety of designs, including traditional freezers and chest freezers. Although both appliances do the same thing, there are some key differences. A chest freezer has a lid on top, while a traditional freezer has a door in the front. From the outside, a traditional freezer looks very similar to a fridge.

Standing freezers can sometimes be up to two meters tall, yet a chest freezer, with its height of 85cm, has the same amount of storage capacity. These freezers are much wider and have a single large storage space. This allows for flexible partitioning and can accommodate an enormous amount of product. Frozen products with the same packaging can also be stacked easily so that no storage capacity is lost.

What should I consider when buying a chest freezer?

The most important question to ask yourself is where you will place the freezer. A chest freezer takes up more floor space than the upright freezer, but is a little more energy efficient. This is because less cold is lost when the freezer is opened because cold air will sink downwards when exposed to warm air. In the case of the chest freezer, the cold air remains at the bottom, while in a traditional freezer the air moves out onto the floor.

In addition, each freezer has a maximum ambient temperature at which it functions optimally. For most freezers, that is a minimum of 3°C and a maximum of 38°C. But, if you place it next to an oven or near a window in direct sunlight, this will affect its operation and energy consumption. A freezer is on 24 hours a day, which makes it a major energy consumer in your business. Maxima's modern freezers use only a fraction of the energy compared to an old freezer. Even if your old freezer still works, better energy consumption can be a good argument for replacing the old one with a more modern and economical model. Because of the wide range, making the right choice can perhaps take some time. The advantage of the large selection is that there is always the right freezer for you. You can also ask Maxima's specialists for advice.

What features does a Maxima freezer have?

The specifications of the various Maxima freezers are almost exactly the same, although the dimensions and weight do vary per model. The larger freezers (from 345 litres) stand on six wheels, while the smaller versions stand on two wheels with two adjustable legs. Other important features are:

  • manual defrosting
  • standard lock included
  • cooling system with fan
  • includes hanging basket
  • LED lighting in the interior
  • thick insulation material of 8cm
  • moisture drainage in the interior
  • metal housing with white coating
  • temperature range from -14 to -24°C
  • digital temperature control that’s easy to set and read
  • ambient temperature minimum of 3°C and maximum of 38°C

How do you clean a freezer?

Freezers should be defrosted and cleaned regularly. Our catering freezers can be defrosted manually. You do this by first unplugging the freezer and emptying it of its contents. You can place your products in the refrigerator during cleaning.

The freezers have a moisture drain so that the melted water is removed easily. On the side is a drainage tap that lets the water out in a controlled way. Defrosting is faster if you loosen the ice first on the walls with a plastic ice scraper. After defrosting, clean the inside with warm water and a mild detergent. Use a good quality microfibre cloth to dry everything properly.

Turn the freezer back on when everything is thoroughly dry. Put your products back in the freezer a few minutes after turning it back on.

What other types of refrigeration equipment are available?

In addition to freezer equipment, Maxima also has an extensive range of refrigeration equipment for the hospitality industry. For preparing food using chilled ingredients, a pizza prep fridge is ideal. You can find everything you might need for cooling or freezing with us:

  • freezers
  • saladettes
  • ice makers
  • blast chillers
  • refrigerators
  • drinks fridges
  • display fridges
  • counter freezers
  • tabletop display fridges

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