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Counter Freezer - 314L - 136cm - 2 Door
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Counter Freezer - 465L - 180cm - 3 Door
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Furnish your kitchen with a counter freezer from Maxima. Stainless steel work surfaces can be put to use in any kitchen. They’re even nicer to work on when all your frozen ingredients are right at hand. After all, a good recipe starts with two things: fresh ingredients and an ergonomic workstation. Why not combine them in a professional counter freezer?

What is a counter freezer and what do you use it for?

All food dishes taste best when fresh ingredients have been used so you need to be able to store your produce in a way that keeps it fresh for as long as possible. A counter freezer is a great all-in-one workstation in your professional kitchen.

Because a counter freezer combines a work surface with a freezer section, your products stay chilled right up to the last moment. Frozen foods such as ice cream, vegetables and even fish are just a few examples of foods that you can be conveniently stored in this flexible workstation.  

Is a counter freezer suitable for my catering business?

Everyone can make use of a hygienic workstation for preparing meals. And good refrigeration, of course. Thanks to the practical format options, you can always find a good place for this handy piece of professional equipment. You can order handy drawer sets or extra shelves to create more space. This way, you can adapt the counter freezer to your specific needs.

Are there several places in your catering establishment where you can use an additional work table? No problem. The wheels make it very flexible. You can then easily move it if the layout of your kitchen changes, even if it’s just temporary. This is also very useful when cleaning the floor.

A counter freezer is a helpful addition to the kitchen for dishes that have refrigerated preparation but are then reheated, baked or heated. Because of this, they are frequently found in places like:

  • cafes
  • pizzerias
  • restaurants
  • dessert bars
  • ice cream parlours

What are the key features of a counter freezer from Maxima?

Maxima's counter freezers are made from stainless steel. The advantages of this are its sturdiness, and that the spread of dirt and bacteria are kept to a minimum. It is very easy to clean. Each Maxima counter freezer also has the following features:

  • Zanussi compressor
  • 35mm protective insulation layer
  • digital temperature setting and readout
  • fan cooling keeps every area equally cooled
  • freezing temperature between -20 and -10°C
  • stainless steel construction with stainless steel worktop
  • reduced ice formation, thanks to the special cooling cycle
  • freezer compartments with adjustable shelves (1 per door)

What kinds of counter freezers are there?

The most important differences between them are, of course, the dimensions and the capacity - either two or three refrigeration sections. For example, the largest three-door version has a volume of 465 litres. The smallest two-door model has 314 litres of storage space. One shelf is supplied per freezer section as standard, but there is always the option to order extra shelves from us. Additional sets of drawers are also available as accessories.

Take a good look at the ambient temperature in which the counter freezer will be placed. Some counter freezers may not work well in ambient temperatures of more than 32°C. Cooling in a warm environment naturally requires more energy. Because these devices are on most of the day, this is something you should take into account.

In addition to counter freezers, Maxima also has professional counter fridges in its range. The difference between the two is the temperature of the refrigeration: either freezing or cooling. For pizzerias, we have specifically designed pizza prep fridges . These are also available with special drawers for rising dough. You can also combine the granite worktop with a saladette or top mounted refrigerated display case.

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