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Pizza Prep Fridges

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Pizza Prep Fridge - 90cm - 2 Doors - Fits 5 x 1/6 GN - incl Glass Cover
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A professional pizza prep fridge allows kitchens to effortlessly make the freshest pizzas. With all the ingredients within reach and dedicated dough drawers, preparing pizza is a quick and easy task. Our pizza prep fridges’ granite countertops and spacious refrigeration compartments provide an ideal workstation for perfecting your pizzas.

A pizza prep fridge is a stainless steel refrigerated workbench with a granite worktop. This fridge provides an ideal space for rolling out pizza dough and keeping fresh pizza toppings readily available. By combining refrigeration with a dedicated work surface, a pizza prep fridge ensures that the ingredients used as pizza toppings remain fresh until they’re used.

What are the features of Maxima’s pizza prep fridges?

Maxima’s pizza prep fridges are constructed with a stainless steel body and a granite countertop. The use of stainless steel has several advantages, including durability that minimises the presence of bacteria and dirt. The smooth surface is also easy to clean.

The top part of the fridge is either made from stainless steel or glass, specifically in the case of the top-mounted refrigerated display case. Most fridges come equipped with trays for GN containers, which can be ordered from our website.

Each Maxima pizza prep fridge has the following features:

  • Protective insulation layer
  • Even cooling with fan circulation
  • Zanussi compressor
  • Minimised ice formation thanks to the special cooling cycle
  • Digital temperature control and display
  • Adjustable shelves in cooling compartments

Where are pizza prep fridges mostly used?

Pizza prep fridges are an important piece of equipment in any pizzeria, restaurant or commercial kitchen that serves pizza. They are specifically designed to store and prepare ingredients in a controlled environment, ensuring food safety and quality.

These fridges are typically used in busy, high-volume kitchens where pizzas are an important menu item. They are also commonly used in catering businesses, food trucks and other mobile food establishments.

What should you look for when purchasing a pizza prep fridge?

When considering the purchase of a pizza prep fridge, there are several factors that restaurant owners should keep in mind.

Size and capacity

Size is an important consideration when it comes to choosing a pizza prep fridge. The size of a fridge refers to the amount of space available for preparing pizzas. This is usually measured in centimetres and can range from 90 to 200cm.

When determining the size your restaurant needs, consider the volume of pizzas you expect to make daily. It's important to choose a fridge with enough space to accommodate your busiest days but doesn’t take up unnecessary space in your kitchen.

GN container size

Another important factor to consider is the size of the GN containers that can fit inside the pizza prep fridge. These containers are standard sizes used in commercial kitchens for storing and transporting food. Most pizza prep fridges come with either 1/3 or 1/6 size GN containers, but it's important to check the exact dimensions to ensure they hold your desired ingredients and toppings.


Many pizza prep fridges also come with a variety of features. Some of these features may include adjustable shelves and temperature control.

It's important to assess the features that will best suit your restaurant's needs and choose a pizza prep fridge that offers them.

What are the benefits of using a pizza prep fridge?

  • Preserves freshness: One of the main benefits of using a pizza prep fridge is that it helps to preserve the freshness of your ingredients. With proper temperature control and storage, toppings, cheese and dough will stay fresh for longer periods. This reduces food waste and ensures that every slice of pizza you serve is made from quality ingredients.
  • Saves time: A good pizza prep fridge allows kitchens to easily organise and store their ingredients, making them easily accessible when it's time to make pizzas. This can greatly improve the efficiency of restaurants and save time during busy hours.
  • Increases storage capacity: Pizza prep fridges come with specific shelves and compartments for storing pizza pans, dough and other essentials. This allows kitchens to maximise their storage space and keep everything organised. With space for multiple GN containers, kitchens can also safely store different toppings needed to make a delicious pizza.
  • Improves food safety: Maintaining proper food safety is crucial for any food establishment. With temperature control features and easy-to-clean surfaces, kitchens can ensure that their ingredients are stored at the right temperature and kept free from cross-contamination.

What type of pizza prep fridges does Maxima offer?

Maxima offers pizza prep fridges in different sizes, with two or three refrigerated compartments. These fridges are designed to be placed on countertops in kitchens. The wheeled pizza prep fridges have two refrigerators and a drawer unit with seven drawers. These drawers are specifically for dough rising and are not refrigerated.

On the fixed models, the refrigeration system is located under the refrigerated areas, making them more compact. The capacity of our two-door and three-door pizza prep fridges ranges from 285L to 580L.

Each section of the fridge comes with one adjustable shelf. Additional shelves can be ordered if needed. We also offer sets of drawers as extra accessories, which can be easily added to your order on the product page.

The fridges include stainless steel trays for placing GN containers. Please note that the GN containers are not included but can be ordered separately.

The recommended maximum ambient temperature is 32°C. Keep in mind that a fridge placed in a warm environment will consume more energy. Some fridges can cool the contents between 0-10°C, while others can cool between -2 and 10°C.

In addition to pizza prep fridges, Maxima also offers professional electric pizza ovens that are ideal for baking pizzas.

TIP: Explore Maxima’s dough mixers and dough rollers for quick and easy pizza dough preparation.

How to clean a pizza prep fridge

Professional pizza prep fridges are made from sturdy stainless steel and granite and are easy to clean. Stainless steel is highly durable and scratch-resistant, minimising the spread of bacteria. To clean the prep fridge, use a damp cloth with warm water and a mild detergent. After cleaning, dry the prep table with a soft cloth.