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Fridge - 400L - 4 Adjustable Shelves - incl Shelves
€2,321.39 €1,918.50 €1,499.18 €1,238.99
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Fridge - 600L - 4 Adjustable Shelves - White
€2,793.29 €2,308.50 €1,397.54 €1,154.99
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Fridge - 600L - 3 Adjustable Shelves (2/1 GN) - on Wheels - incl Shelves
€3,138.14 €2,593.50 €1,903.92 €1,573.49
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Fridge - 1200L - 6 Adjustable Shelves (2/1 GN) - on Wheels - incl Shelves
€5,007.59 €4,138.50 €2,811.42 €2,323.49
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Drinks Fridge - 800L - 8 Adjustable Shelves
€4,027.49 €3,328.50 €2,395.79 €1,979.99
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Drinks Fridge - 700L - 8 Adjustable Shelves
€3,247.04 €2,683.50 €1,742.39 €1,439.99
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Drinks Fridge - 360L - 4 Adjustable Shelves
€2,266.94 €1,873.50 €1,232.37 €1,018.49
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Drinks Fridge - 80L - 2 Adjustable Shelves
€961.94 €794.99 €426.51 €352.49
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Drinks Fridge - 50L - 2 Adjustable Shelves
€853.04 €704.99 €406.55 €335.99
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Drinks Fridge - 466L - 10 Adjustable Shelves
€3,319.64 €2,743.50 €2,559.14 €2,114.99
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Every hospitality business, from hotels and cafes to butcheries and bakeries, needs good quality commercial fridges to showcase its products. For storing fresh ingredients and pre-cooked food, you really need to be able to rely on your commercial refrigeration system. Maxima has the ideal professional kitchen equipment, including commercial display fridges, to suit every catering business need. So you can be assured that you always put food on the table that meets your quality requirements. 

Finding the right kind of commercial fridges for your food business can be overwhelming. There are so many kinds available depending on your business needs. Butcheries, for example, require larger sizes to accommodate large pieces of meat. A bakery may need commercial display fridges that let customers see what is on offer. A bar or cafe may only need to store a few basic ingredients, so smaller, more compact fridges like commercial bar fridges are better. Here are a few of the types of professional fridges Maxima has to offer and what benefits they can offer your food business.

Popular commercial fridges

In the food business, there are a few fridges that have become popular for obvious reasons. A good quality commercial refrigerator is an essential appliance in every kitchen. Not only does it keep your food and ingredients cooled, but it extends the shelf life of fresh produce, saving you money. Bar fridges are also popular due to their convenient size and price. When preparing food, a counter fridge keeps all your ingredients in one place to reduce time walking around the kitchen. Which professional fridge is best for you?

Commercial fridges

Professional commercial refrigerators are the number one most popular appliance in any kitchen. With plenty of space to store your catering-sized ingredients like sauces and dips, they also offer enough room to store pre-made food like salad dressing and sandwich spreads, so you don't have to make everything fresh every day. They reduce preparation time and save you money from unnecessary food waste.

Commercial bar fridges

Bar fridges, also known as drinks fridges , are ideal for keeping drinks cooled and ready to serve to waiting customers. No matter what size food business you have, there is a model to suit your needs. Compact versions can be stored under counters, while tall drinks fridges can be a great self-service option. They even come with different kinds of doors – sliding or hinged – so you can choose the option that works best with your work flow.

Counter fridges

Professional counter fridges can be found in most restaurant and hotel kitchens. All your fresh ingredients can be stored safely and kept chilled until the last possible moment. It also reduces the need for people walking between the fridges and preparation stations, which keeps your kitchen well-organised and working efficiently.

What should I pay attention to when buying a commercial fridge?

Different kitchens all have different requirements, so the most important thing is to know how and where you are going to use your commercial fridge. Smaller food businesses have to keep things like floor space in mind, while a large restaurant requires a lot of refrigeration space. Some businesses need to showcase their foods, such as bakeries, butcheries and fish shops, which makes display fridges very important to them. 


Where do you need to put the fridge? Think about how much space you have and what size will suit you best. Each refrigerator has a maximum ambient temperature at which it functions optimally. If you place it next to an oven or near a window in direct sunlight, this will affect its operation and energy consumption. 

Energy consumption

A commercial refrigerator is on 24 hours a day, which makes it a major energy consumer in your hospitality business. More modern commercial fridges, like the ones at Maxima, use only a fraction of the energy compared to an old one. So even if your old refrigeration equipment is still working fine, better energy consumption can be a good reason to replace an old one with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

Choice of material

A professional refrigerator can be a big investment, so you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Commercial appliances designed for the food industry use very hardy materials to ensure they last a long time. Stainless steel is often used in kitchen appliances because it is easy to clean, so look out for that.

What other features does a commercial fridge from Maxima offer?

The professional fridges from Maxima are ventilated static coolers. This means that a fan circulates the cold air inside the refrigerator so that the cool air is distributed evenly. This means you have fewer temperature differences and the contents of the refrigerator reach the right temperature quickly.

Our larger commercial fridges are on four wheels, so you can move them around if needed. This is especially handy for cleaning. Other features include an antibacterial door seal and economical LED lighting inside the fridge, making it easy to see the contents.

Lastly, Maxima's fridges include a specialised cooling cycle to reduce ice formation inside the fridge, which can affect the quality of the food inside. It also minimises the need to defrost the fridge often, so your work processes aren't interrupted. 

Maxima's refurbished commercial fridges

Even though all our machines are priced competitively, we also offer refurbished items for sale at a reduced price. These machines may have been demo models or returns, which are usually sent back as a precaution when the packaging has been slightly damaged during transport. You can get used catering fridges that have been thoroughly tested by our technical department at an even lower price. Browse our Refurbished section to find your new second-hand commercial fridge today.

How do I clean my commercial fridge?

Cleaning commercial fridges is quite simple. Always start by unplugging the appliance and emptying the contents. The use of stainless steel in many professional kitchen appliances makes all large surfaces very easy to clean. A damp cloth and mild detergent are usually sufficient for the exterior.

Thanks to the special cooling cycle, the chance of ice forming is minimal. This keeps the refrigerator in good working order and condensation drains off by itself. However, it is advisable to clean the inside regularly. Using warm water and mild detergent, wipe down the interior. Do not forget to clean the rubber seal on the door. Dry everything again thoroughly with a soft cloth. 

What other types of commercial refrigeration are there?

In our extensive range, Maxima has other professional refrigeration equipment in addition to refrigerators. These include a variety of freezer equipment to suit any food business need.


Alongside commercial fridges, a commercial freezer is another essential item for many catering businesses. Vertical freezers are a great option if your space is limited, while a chest freezer gives you a lot of volume to keep all your larger items frozen until needed. Counter freezers are similar to counter fridges and let you keep things like ice cream and other desserts frozen and ready to serve to customers.

Ice makers

No bar is complete without a continuous stream of ice to serve with your drinks. With sizes that range from countertop ice makers to ones that make up to 130kg a day, you can always make sure you have enough capacity to meet your daily demand.

Tabletop display fridges

If you want to offer customers a variety of options to choose from,  a tabletop display fridge that sits on top of your counter is a good investment. Customers can choose from behind the counter and watch you serve food that is as fresh as possible. It's ideal for tapas, sushi and even salad bars.


Another great way to make the freshest salads is by using a saladette . This fridge comes with compartments in the top to store freshly chopped ingredients that can quickly be added together to create something delicious. Keep your vegetables prepped and ready to use with this handy appliance.

Blast chillers

Some food businesses can benefit from the quick freezing of products. Butcheries, fish shop, ice cream parlours and many other businesses need to get their products as cold as quick as possible. A blast chiller is also helpful for restaurants who need to freeze portions of food that can be defrosted when needed.