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In the hospitality industry, being able to work quickly and efficiently can make a huge difference. Good quality refrigeration equipment is just as important as a good workspace. With a saladette, you can combine both a practical workstation with refrigeration so that your fresh ingredients are within easy reach.

A saladette is a stainless steel refrigerated workspace with a top-mounted refrigerated display case. The bottom section of the appliance has several refrigerated compartments with shelves to store necessary items. In the top section, you can place various GN containers in whatever configuration you desire. The top can be closed with a lid to keep ingredients fresh and ready for use. The lid also contains a countertop that can be used as a handy cutting board.

This makes it the ideal workstation for making salads or fresh sandwiches. They are similar to a counter fridge, counter freezer and pizza prep fridge.

What are the features of the Maxima saladettes?

Maxima's saladettes have been designed for professional use and are very robust. Not only do they have a long lifespan, but they also look beautifully finished.

In addition, they have the following features:

  • Temperature can be set and read digitally
  • Fan cooling keeps things equally cool
  • Shelves with protective coating
  • Wide temperature range from 0-10°C
  • Cooling compartments with adjustable shelves
  • Zanussi compressor
  • Special cooling cycle that reduces ice formation

What should you consider when buying a saladette?

It's important to consider the storage capacity and how often you make chilled meals. Some kitchens make these dishes immediately and may not need to store them in the refrigerator for long. You should also consider how much extra capacity you will need in the future as your business grows.

One adjustable shelf is included per compartment as standard. If necessary, you can order more shelves from our webshop. There are also drawer sets available as additional accessories . You can easily order these by selecting them on the product page before you add the saladette to your shopping cart. These appliances include stainless steel supports for placing GN containers. Aside from the mini saladette, the GN containers are not included and should be ordered separately.

It's good to know what the ambient temperature of the area the appliance will be placed in is. Usually, this should never exceed 32°C. Any refrigeration in a warm environment naturally requires more energy. As these devices are on for most of the day, this is something you should take into account.

What type of saladettes does Maxima offer?

Maxima offers three different saladette models: a 67L tabletop model, a 257L and a 400L saladette. The tabletop saladette includes 8 x 1/6 GN containers. The larger saladettes are available in a two-door and three-door model.

How to clean a saladette

Because the contents of a saladette are constantly changing, it’s important to keep it clean. Turn off the appliance before you start cleaning. The inside can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Use as little water as possible as this prevents condensation and ice formation.

The outside and the glass of the tabletop model can be cleaned in the same way. Do not forget to clean the door seals as well. The shelves are easy to remove and can be cleaned in soapy water with detergent or all-purpose cleaner.