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Tabletop Display Fridges

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Sushi and Tapas Display - 52L - incl 5 x 1/3 GN - Tabletop
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Sushi and Tapas Display -132L - incl 5 x 1/2 GN - Tabletop
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Tabletop display fridges are ideal for the elegant presentation of smaller food items that you want to keep cool. This fridge is beautifully designed with a black stainless steel casing and curved glass so your products are displayed to your customers. These fridges have a range of applications and can be used for everything from sushi to tapas.

A tabletop display fridge combines cooling with the presentation of products. This beautifully designed case has curved glass and LED lighting on the inside so that your products are always displayed in the right way.

You can use this display case to showcase many different kinds of food, such as sushi, tapas and even fish. Any smaller dishes or ingredients that you want to keep cool and attractively show to your customers can be stored in this tabletop display fridge. It also has convenient sliding doors to give you quick access to your products.

The tabletop display fridge includes a frame to accommodate several GN containers, which are supplied with the fridge.

What are the features of Maxima's tabletop display fridges?

The fridges are different sizes, so it’s important to check the dimensions of where you want to place them. The other specifications are the same and include:

  • Stands on adjustable feet
  • Temperature between 0 and 12°C
  • LED lighting inside
  • Foamed evaporator
  • Digital temperature control
  • Static cooling system with fan
  • Anti-fog system

What should you look for when buying a display fridge?

In addition to cooling food, a tabletop display fridge is also used for displaying your products. It’s important to consider where you are going to place the refrigerated display case in your catering business.

If you need to grab these products regularly, look for a top-mounted display case, like this tabletop display fridge or a compact display fridge . A top-mounted display case is also useful if you want to present ingredients needed for a sandwich, such as slices of cucumber, pieces of tomato, cold cuts or slices of cheese. They are available with GN containers in various capacities, ranging from 3 x 1/3 GN to 9 x 1/3 GN.

If your customers have access to the products themselves, look for a model with sliding doors at the front. You should also check the capacity and available space in your store. A floor-standing model offers a lot of capacity and takes up little space.

What other types of display cases does Maxima offer?

Due to its size, a tabletop display case is particularly suited to cooling smaller dishes. If you work with large dishes and foods, then it is better to look for a display case in a different format. Maxima has a wide range of display fridges, counter fridges and drinks fridges to help you find the exact size you need.

Maxima has the following catering refrigeration equipment:

  • Compact display fridges
    These are upright refrigerated display cases in compact sizes of 58 and 78 L.
    Thanks to their light height, you can place them on a table or counter.
    These display fridges have glass all around, making them suitable for any application.
  • Free-standing display fridges
    This is a larger version of the tabletop model.
    Available in black and white and in different sizes up to 235L.
  • Display fridge round - tabletop model
    This is perfect for the chilled display of pastries, appetizers and sandwiches.
    Available with a beautiful curved window on the front, the tabletop model looks great on any counter.
    For both the tabletop models and the larger pastry showcases, there is a wide choice of sizes.
  • Display fridge round
    These fridges have deeper shelves than traditional display fridges so you can display entire cakes.
    They feature an attractive design with glass shelves. These fridges are available in a round or straight model with glass panes all around, making them ideal for pastries, appetizers, sandwiches and snacks.
  • Display fridge with base
    Ideal for establishments that have minimal room on their counter or who need to be able to move the display case regularly.
  • Open display fridge
    With a beautiful curved glass design and an open front, this is suitable for self-service.
    It's ideal for cans, bottles and packaged food.

How to clean a tabletop display fridge

Because a display fridge constantly changes its contents and occupies a prominent place in your business, it's important to keep it clean. Turn the fridge off before you start. The inside can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Use as little water as possible to avoid condensation and ice formation. The outside and the glass windows can be cleaned in the same way. The GN containers can be put in the dishwasher.