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Whipped Cream Machine - 2L - 100L/h
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With a whipped cream machine you always have freshly whipped cream ready to serve. With the push of a button you can have as much as you want, when you want. No more hassling to whip cream by hand or using aerosols that lack flavour. This appliance is easy to use and can be used to finish off many desserts.

What do you use a professional whipped cream machine for?

Whipping cream can be very time consuming and heavy manual work. Before you know it, the freshly whipped cream is no longer fresh enough for the next slice of apple pie and you have to start all over again. With a commercial whipped cream machine, tired arms, dried out leftover cream, finding the right attachment for mixers and even aerosol cans are now a thing of the past. From now on, you can rest easy knowing you could have delicious, freshly whipped cream at the push of a button. And it will always as fresh as you could possibly make it.

You can use a whipped cream machine  in many ways, because it is suitable for the following ingredients and products:

  • mousse
  • milk froth
  • fresh cream
  • UHT / pasteurised cream
  • sweetened whipped cream
  • flavoured cream, like Chantilly cream

Wondering if the only time you would use this appliance is for whipped cream to top desserts? Think again! With the ingredients mentioned above you can really do a lot with this handy piece of equipment. Think of the perfect toppings you could make for ice creams, hot chocolate, speciality coffees like latte macchiatos and cappuccinos, eggnog, cake decorations, waffles and pancakes. All of these benefit from a dollop or two of fresh cream.

You could even add different flavours to your whipped cream, such as strawberry, chocolate or vanilla. This will give desserts and waffles a delicious taste experience with a signature touch. Both light and heavier creams are possible. These are ideal for serving alongside different kinds of mousses and even frozen desserts. This way, a beautiful sweet treat is on the table in no time.

TIP: You can even make pancakes and waffles yourself. From the classic Belgian waffle to heart-shaped ones, using our compact electric waffle makers and pancake makers, all these delicious snacks can come straight from your own kitchen.

What are the advantages of using a commercial whipped cream machine?

The professional whipped cream machine from Maxima is a compact device and works automatically with no human intervention needed. This means that you spend less time in the kitchen because you can get your dishes out faster. This investment pays for itself quickly. Just look at these advantages:

  • Hygienic
    The removable liquid container and the plastic drip tray are easy to clean.
    You can easily check the level of the cream without opening the appliance, thanks to the transparent lid.
  • Easy to use
    The simple and robust control switches are user friendly. The machine makes very little noise.
  • Cost effective
    The machine makes optimal use of the cream: little wastage so you hardly have to throw cream away.
  • Constant temperature
    Because of the constant temperature, both the liquid cream and the whipped cream remain cooled at 4 ̊C.
  • High production capacity
    The Maxima whipped cream machines are suitable for producing up to 100 litres of whipped cream per hour.

How does a professional whipped cream machine work?

Maxima's whipped cream machines are very easy to use. Turn on the machine and wait until the cooling tank reaches a temperature of 4 or 5°C. After this, you can pour the liquid cream into the removable liquid container. Note: do not add sugar to the liquid cream. If you want to add sugar, use a liquid sugar.

If desired, you can add a flavour, such as strawberry or vanilla. Using the air regulator you then adjust the airiness. Now you only need to press the dispensing button and the ready-to-use whipped cream comes out. When the machine is not in use, the whipped cream is still cooled indirectly. It remains stored in a refrigerated compartment in liquid form.

TIP: Use the right whipped cream for best results. If you are going to work with fresh cream, we recommend working with cream that has a fat content between 30% and 40%.

What is the difference between a whipped cream machine and a whipped cream dispenser?

With whipped cream from a professional whipped cream machine, the fat particles are not beaten as much so the whipped cream does not expand as quickly and remains firmer for longer. If you compare this to whipped cream from a whipped cream dispenser, you will see that the whipped cream is much more stable. A whipped cream dispense also has to be cleaned more often and always returned to the refrigerator. A whipped cream machine keeps cream at a constant temperature which improves the flavour. They also handle the cream more efficiently so you end up with less waste.

In addition, you can use a whipped cream machine for multiple purposes, while a whipped cream dispenser is usually only suitable for whipped cream. In addition, for a whipped cream dispenser, you always need to purchase whipped cream cartridges. With a professional whipped cream machine, you only need liquid whipped cream and before you know it, the whipped cream is ready for consumption.

How do you clean a whipping machine?

Cleaning these whipped cream machines is also very easy. First, pour hot water in the liquid tank and hold the button down until the flushing procedure is finished and no more water comes out of the machine. Then clean the loose parts in warm water with a mild detergent. Finally, rinse with water and reassemble when everything is thoroughly dried. To disinfect the machine, follow the flushing procedure again, but with a disinfectant solution.

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