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Technical Service

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A good purchase starts with good advice. Our service is continued even after the purchase. Do you have a question about the operation, installation or maintenance of your Maxima product? We are at your service. Kindly fill in the form below. In this way, you can help us to respond back to you even better prepared. Often, this means we can come back with a quicker solution so that you can get back to using your equipment as soon as possible.

Own Technical Service

Despite the high quality of our products, it is normal for parts to wear out, even with normal use. In addition, some appliances require maintenance to stay in optimal condition. By replacing worn parts on time and keeping up regular maintenance, you stand the best chance of continuous, trouble-free operation. Should something still go wrong, then it’s good to know that Maxima has its own technical service department with its own workshop. In order to guarantee our quality standard, we work with our own mechanics. They know all of our appliances in detail. If you have any technical questions, they can certainly help you!

If we cannot solve the problem over the phone or the machinery needs further inspection, the faulty appliance can be shipped to our factory, where we will complete the maintenance operations. 

Installation & Assembly

As part of the ease of use, our appliances are already 'plug and play' upon delivery (unless otherwise stated). This means that all you have to do to install them is plug them in. For some appliances, such as dishwashers, you will have to connect them to a water supply or drain. Most appliances are delivered pre-assembled as best as possible. Sometimes you may have to assemble or fasten something yourself. In these cases, these are simple parts that do not require technical knowledge or advanced tools. Clearing trolleys, shelf trolleys and stainless steel work tables are delivered in a 'flat package' and can be assembled within a few minutes with the tools provided. 

Do you have a technical question? Then please use the contact form below.

For technical questions, such as installation, assembly, maintenance or operation of your Maxima device, please fill in the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible. For other questions you can also reach us by mail (info@maxima.com) and phone (+31 297 253 969).

Repair & investigation costs

Defect outside of the warranty: In case of a defect outside of the warranty, repair costs will then apply. We will let you know the estimation for these costs in advance and will only go ahead with the repairs with your permission.

If you do not wish for the repair to be carried out, we charge an additional fee in the form of an investigation cost of €37,50.

We ask for a reimbursement of these research costs because uncovering the reason behind the defect can take some time. Often various situations have to be tested in order to solve this. Sometimes the reason for the defect is untraceable, or the investigation shows that the item can no longer be repaired. In these cases, the investigation cost also applies, in addition to the shipping costs.

The investigation costs are often only a small part of the actual costs.

Defect within the guarantee: For a defect that does fall within the guarantee, the investigation and repair costs do not apply. The transport costs for the shipment to and from Maxima are for your own account.