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Cleaning Trolley - incl 5 Bins
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In the catering industry, clearing and transporting dishes to and from the kitchen is an endless task. The heavy lifting and manual labour can take its toll. A sturdy stainless steel cleaning trolley takes a lot of the walking and lifting off your hands. Maxima offers high quality cleaning trolleys for a low price.

What do you use a cleaning trolley for?

There is a lot to be transported on the catering floor. For this purpose, Maxima has various trolleys available for your convenience. A cleaning trolley, for example, helps you to clear away any glassware, dishes and cutlery. It offers space for five different plastic buckets and bins, in which you can put the various crockery and cutlery. You can use it for various cleaning tasks in and around the kitchen and dining area.

What are the features of a Maxima cleaning trolley?

The Maxima cleaning trolley is delivered as a kit and can be assembled within 10 minutes with the tools supplied. The construction is made entirely from stainless steel so it is a robust piece of equipment. The corner seams are welded and polished and the square frames form the support bars for bins of different sizes. Our cleaning trolleys are 45cm wide, 80cm deep and 90cm high.

Additional features include:

  • no sharp edges
  • five removable plastic bins
  • poles with a diameter of 2,5cm
  • four wheels (two of which have a brake)

Is a cleaning trolley suitable for my business?

Cleaning and other catering trolleys come in many varieties and take a lot of the heavy work off your hands. It’s not just about the quantity of dishes you have to clear, but also the distances you have to walk with them. It is often necessary to make multiple trips when carrying things by hand and you run the risk of accidents happening. A cleaning trolley is useful in almost any catering establishment. Restaurants, hotels, school and company canteens, conference centres and care institutions can all use a cleaning trolley to make the load lighter.

Which other catering trolleys does Maxima have?

Beside this stainless steel cleaning trolley, Maxima has a wide range of catering trolleys that serve multiple purposes. Tray trolleys or bakery trolleys help save you a lot of time walking and lifting. For example, you can transport trays or Gastronorm trays full of crockery straight to the dishwasher. You can then take these back to the kitchen when cleaned and dry, ready to be used again. These trolleys can be moved around easily on any surface, thanks to the swivel castors.

The trolleys are also available in various sizes. The tray trolleys use gastronorm container dimensions for 1/1 GN trays. The bakery trolleys use the Bakerynorm standard, or baker's norm. This format is 60 x 40cm. You can order a Maxima tray trolley for bakeries with 1 x 16 shelves or 2 x 16 shelves.

Finally, Maxima also has serving trolleys . This is a stainless steel trolley that you can really use for any job. Thanks to the flat serving trays with two or three shelves, there is always a reliable trolley ready to help you to transport food or empty dishes to and from the dining table.

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