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Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - Automatic - Contactless - Black
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Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - Automatic - Contactless - incl Trays
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Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - Automatic - Contactless - Space for Disposable Gloves
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Good hygiene is now even more important than ever. A contactless hand sanitizer stand is ideal for placing at the entrance to a cafe or restaurant, or to keep in the kitchen. That way, both guests and employees can enter with clean hands. The hand dispenser works automatically. No more hassling with separate pumps or bottles!

How does a hand sanitizer stand work?

A hand sanitizer stand is a pole with a dispenser on it, filled with a gel disinfectant. It can be placed anywhere where hand hygiene is important. Maxima's hand sanitizer stands work automatically, thanks to a sensor. By holding your hand under the sensor, the dispenser automatically sprays the right amount of disinfectant on your hand. This way, you can disinfect your hands without ever touching the dispenser, which reduces the spread of viruses. The sensor runs on four AA batteries so there are no loose cords or need for an electrical outlet. The sturdy design and stable foot ensures that the column won’t fall over easily. The dispensers can also be hung on a wall, without the stand, if needed. The back of the dispenser contains recesses that allow you to hang it securely on the wall. The dispensers are suitable for a gel disinfectant. By using a hand sanitizer stand, there is no need to bother with separate bottles that are often moved elsewhere and misplaced.

Is a hand sanitizer stand suitable for my company?

Hygiene is very important in the hospitality industry. It all starts with clean hands. A hand sanitizer stand is meant to be placed at the entrance of public spaces and buildings, but is also useful in restaurants, cafes, canteens, snack bars, shops and hotels. You could also place them in the kitchen, or even in the toilets to offer an easy way to disinfection your hands when needed the most. With a hand sanitizer stand, you show guests right from the entrance that your business takes hygiene and hygiene protocols seriously. For the employees who work with food preparation, it’s important that they too can disinfect their hands easily.

How to clean a hand sanitizer stand?

Thanks to the practical design, it’s very easy to clean the hand sanitizer stand. Both the columns and dispensers are made from smooth, easy to clean materials. You can use a damp cloth or sponge for cleaning. All stands also have a collection tray to catch any remains of the gel disinfect. This way your floor stays clean.

How can I refill the disinfection dispenser?

The automatic disinfection dispensers from Maxima have a tank with the capacity for 1 litre so you do not need to keep replacing it, only top it up every now and then. By opening the lid, you can easily refill the tank. The dispensing tanks are transparent, so you know when they are full.

How do I mount a hand sanitizer stand?

The only thing you have to do is to put the batteries (not included) in the dispenser and mount the dispenser on the column. You do this by screwing the 2 supplied nuts on the bolts. The height of the stand can be adjusted without any tools. Because the dispenser works on batteries, you can put it anywhere. You are not bound to an area with a wall socket.

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