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Various Stainless Steel Equipment

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€112.57 €93.03
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Wok Lid - Ø36cm - Stainless Steel - Induction
€30.49 €25.20 €20.51 €16.95
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€59.28 €48.99
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€19.35 €15.99
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Plate - 3 Compartments - Stainless Steel - Dishwasher Safe
€14.40 €11.90 €12.04 €9.95
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Lid for 3 Compartment Plate - Plastic - Dishwasher Safe
€7.96 €6.58 €5.99 €4.95
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Measuring Cup Set - incl 60, 80, 125 and 250ml
€22.45 €18.55 €16.88 €13.95
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Looking for specific stainless steel accessories and supplies? A variety of useful stainless steel products to make your life just a little bit easier can be found here in the Maxima webshop.

What are 'other’ stainless steel products?

This category offers a range of stainless steel products that can be used to replace, complement or accessorise other stainless steel catering items. Among the selection, you'll find stainless steel induction wok pans, lids and batter dispensers, as well as GN spacers for chafing dishes and bain maries. Additionally, a knife sharpener is available to ensure razor-sharp kitchen knives.

Please note that not all stainless steel accessories available are online.

We try to keep our selection of accessories on our website up to date. However, not all of our accessories that are currently available may be online. This is due to changing supply and stock.

Can't find what you’re looking for? You can also check in the Parts category.

There you will also find:

  • Accessories to expand your equipment, such as shelves for a refrigerated display case or extra tartlet molds.
  • Accessories to replace worn parts, such as wheels for a table or trolley or cutting discs for a vegetable slicer.
  • Consumables such as cleaning agents, vacuum bags and other packaging materials.