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Oven Rack - 53 x 32,5cm - 1/1 GN
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For stainless steel oven racks that work perfectly in our commercial ovens and combi steam ovens, have a look at the range below. Our range fits a variety of needs, GN dimensions to Bakerynorm dimensions. At Maxima, you always find the right product with good service and at an affordable price.

What different oven racks are there?

Every kitchen is different, with different equipment and dimensions. This is why Maxima has so many universal products for use throughout the hospitality industry. Our oven racks are an excellent example of this. Regardless of the brand, they are suitable for many types of ovens and combi steam ovens. This is because Maxima’s oven grills are made based on universal sizing, such as Gastronorm, Bakery Standard or Maxima's MCO sizing. The Gastronorm measurements, for example, you will find in many catering appliances and accessories, including GN trays and containers.

This allows the oven racks to effortlessly blend in with the other materials in your kitchen. Moreover, you have the advantage that the oven rack will fit into any oven in your kitchen. So you never have to figure out which rack goes with which appliance.

There is a choice of racks with a width of 354, 435 and 530mm so they fit in both smaller and larger ovens. In terms of depth, there are models that are 315 and 325mm deep. Check the specifications of your oven in advance to make sure you buy ones that have the right dimensions.

What features do Maxima oven racks have?

As you have come to expect from Maxima kitchen appliances, you can also expect Maxima's professional quality from the oven racks. Our oven racks have the following features:

  • made from stainless steel
  • can be put in the dishwasher
  • easy to clean, thanks to a smooth finish
  • suitable for ovens and combi steam ovens
  • universal racks for the professional kitchen

How to clean your oven racks?

If anything in your kitchen can get dirty, it's an oven rack. That's why ours are made from stainless steel, so they are easier to clean. If you get stubborn food residue on the racks, it's best to soak them in hot, soapy water for a while. Then use a brush to remove the residue. After this, you can simply put the oven racks in the dishwasher. This will ensure that they are spotless after every use, so you can use your ovens and combi team ovens in a hygienic way.

What types of catering ovens does Maxima have?

Maxima has a wide selection of ovens and combi steam ovens within its extensive range of cooking equipment:

  • Professional convection ovens
    Maxima's convection ovens provide the crispiest and juiciest results! For juicy meat, crispy oven dishes or fluffy bread, you've come to the right place. These ovens heat up quickly and even come with a grill and steam function.
  • Heavy duty combi steam ovens
    Our combi steam ovens are very popular all-rounders in the professional kitchen. They’re suitable for almost any job: baking, roasting, grilling, stewing, gratinating and, of course, steaming! In addition, the taste, colour, aroma and nutrients are preserved longer when you steam your food.
  • Bakery ovens
    Thanks to optimal air circulation, you can always count on crusty but airy bread with these appliances. They heat up quickly and even have a steam function.

What are the differences between Maxima convection ovens, combi steam ovens and bakery ovens?

In terms of functionality and features, there is not much of a differences between a convection oven  and a combi steam oven . The main difference is in the dimensions of these appliances. Combi steam ovens are designed specifically for Gastronorm trays, while Maxima bakery ovens are based on the international Bakerynorm standard. This means that these ovens can fit 60 x 40cm plates. A convection oven generally has other dimensions, for example 43,5 x 31,5cm. Lastly, some of these types of ovens have the option of grilling or steaming.

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