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Maxima offers a range of high-quality stainless steel serving trolleys and tray trolleys that can greatly reduce the need for manual lifting and walking in your hospitality business. Whether in the dining room or the kitchen, these handy tools provide significant assistance.

A serving trolley is a valuable tool for reducing the strain of heavy lifting and walking. It assists in the kitchen and facilitates the transportation and serving of meals. With a serving trolley, you can efficiently bring all items to the table at once, eliminating the need for multiple trips and ensuring a smooth dining experience. After the meal, you can quickly and easily clear the table by placing all dirty dishes, glasses and cutlery onto the trolley for easy transport back to the kitchen.

What are the features of Maxima's stainless steel trolleys?

Maxima has serving trolleys in two variants: with two shelves or with three shelves. In addition, they both have the following features:

  • polished and welded corner seams
  • legs with bumpers
  • fitted with water protection
  • shelves with reinforced corners
  • four castors with brake
  • load capacity of 40kg per shelf
  • dimensions of W95 x D51 x H94cm
  • square legs with a diameter of 2mm
  • worktops with folded edges

What other food service trolleys does Maxima offer?

Besides stainless steel serving trolleys, Maxima has other useful trolleys for use in catering establishments. For example, a stainless steel tray trolley . This is another type of trolley that can help with heavy work in the kitchen and throughout the entire restaurant. Staff can use it to move trays of crockery to and from the kitchen. They are also called tray carts or bakery trolleys.

In addition, Maxima has a cleaning trolley in its range, which is ideal for clearing away dishes and cutlery. It has room for five plastic buckets in which you can put things like glasses, dishes and cutlery to move them from the restaurant floor to the kitchen for cleaning.

The trolleys and carts all come in a flat package and include assembly tools that allow you to easily put them together in ten minutes.

Finally, Maxima has many types of stainless steel work tables . You can always use additional work surfaces when preparing, cooking, serving and cleaning up. These come in a variety of sizes with adjustable legs. Wheels for the legs are also available for ordering through our webshop.