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Steel Machine Tables

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Stainless Steel Machine Table - 60 x 60cm - 120kg Load Capacity - on Wheels
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Stainless Steel Machine Table - 60 x 80cm - 120kg Load Capacity - on Wheels
€1,052.69 €869.99 €678.80 €560.99
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Organise your kitchen more efficiently with these elegant stainless steel machine tables and bases from Maxima. This way, you can fully utilise every inch in your workspace and move your kitchen equipment around to where it’s needed with ease. They’re an asset in any kitchen!

Where can you use a Maxima steel machine table?

In any professional catering kitchen, you’ll come across a wide variety of appliances, kitchen aids and food processing tools. However, not all machines come with a base, which can make your life much easier. With a Maxima steel machine table, you can safely place your appliances at a height that offers easier access, as well as move your appliances around, for cleaning or even into storage when not needed. This is hugely useful in any commercial kitchen where space is at a premium and you sometimes need a bit of flexibility in your kitchen layout.

What are the key features of a Maxima steel machine table?

Because all of our work tables and bases are made from stainless steel, you can rest assured that you always have a sturdy and durable base holding your appliances up. The smooth finish of stainless steel also has the advantage that it is very easy to keep clean and hygienic.

The stainless steel machine tables all have the following features:

  • open back
  • four swivel wheels
  • load capacity of 120kg
  • brake function on two wheels
  • width and height of 60 x 70cm
  • three layers for pans and cooking utensils

What other types of work tables does Maxima have for the catering industry?

Maxima has very economical stainless steel tables  available in all sizes for the hospitality industry. So there is always a size in the range that will fit your kitchen, because no kitchen is the same and each need is unique.

Are you looking for a work table for that one corner of the kitchen where you only have half a meter of space left? Or do you have the space to create as much work surface as possible? Fortunately, there is plenty of choice in different lengths and widths. You can always find the largest possible work surface without having to sacrifice walking space in your kitchen.

If you use a work table for preparing food, there are also stainless steel work tables with a splashguard. This small, raised edge keeps food scraps on your table and the surrounding work area clean. In addition, there are also stainless steel dishwasher tables tables, which are indispensable if you want to make optimal use of a professional dishwasher. These tables are used to place the supply of baskets containing the dirty dishes, or as a space to drain the cleaned dishes. It’s always handy to have a sink next to your dishwasher . This way you have a practical and useful workstation to keep clean dishes separated from dirty ones.

At Maxima, many work tables also come with a bottom shelf. A work table with a bottom shelf is really helpful for keeping kitchen utensils neat and tidy. This allows you to keep your work surface open for food preparation, or to clean the work surface more easily.

Because a work table is used for a lot of prep work, it is advised to add and order of wheels for the work table. This helps you save a lot of walking and lifting when having to move plates around. Lastly, it’s good to know that each work table is height adjustable to suit your specific requirements.

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