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In every restaurant, there is a lot of movement between different parts of the kitchen and even onto the store floor. There’s plenty of heavy work involved in transporting meals and crockery to where they’re needed. A tray trolley on wheels can make this a lot easier and Maxima has various models on offer.

What are the features of Maxima's tray trolleys?

Maxima's tray trolleys are made from stainless steel, with all corners neatly finished so there are no sharp edges.

Other features found in every Maxima tray trolley are:

  • One handle and four wheels
  • Two castors with brake
  • Square legs with a diameter of 25mm
  • Bumpers around the legs
  • Easy to assemble (tools included)
  • Shelves with folded edges and double weld

What do you use a tray trolley for?

In the demanding hospitality work environment, various items must be transported efficiently. Tray trolleys also referred to as bakery trolleys, assist by moving trays filled with dirty plates or Gastronorm containers full of cutlery to the dishwasher and back to their designated locations. These trolleys have a robust construction using high-quality stainless steel, making them suitable for heavy-duty tasks. Their convenient swivel casters ensure effortless movement across any surface.

What type of trolleys does Maxima offer?

Tray trolleys come in different sizes. Catering trolleys use GN container sizes that are ideal for 1/1 GN trays, while bakery trolleys use the Bakerynorm standard of 60 x 40cm. You can order a Maxima tray trolley for bakeries either with 16 shelves or in a double version with 32 shelves.

In addition to stainless steel tray trolleys, Maxima also has other handy catering trolleys. A stainless steel serving trolley is a trolley that you can use for any task. Thanks to the flat serving tray with two or three shelves, staff can easily wheel dishes to and from the dining table.

Lastly, Maxima also offers a cleaning trolley . A cleaning trolley is similar to a serving trolley, but it is lower and specifically intended for clearing dishes and cutlery. It has room for five different plastic buckets in which you can put all the crockery and cutlery that’s ready for the dishwasher

Is a stainless steel tray trolley suitable for my catering business?

Tray trolleys and other catering trolleys come in various shapes and sizes, offering a convenient solution for manual labour. They not only assist with heavy lifting but also facilitate the transportation of items, thereby streamlining operations and saving valuable time.

These versatile trolleys find their usefulness in a wide range of medium-sized catering establishments, including restaurants, hotels, school cafeterias, company canteens, conference centers and healthcare institutions.

In addition, bakery tray trolleys play an indispensable role in the bakery industry. With their specialised Bakerynorm dimensions, bakers can efficiently load and unload ovens, ensuring smooth operations at all times.